Convert your Prius to plugin hybrid!
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Burn less gas with converted Prius Plugin
Plugin töpselihybridi - plugin sähköauto

- Depending your day milages you can drive EV  your most trips.
 4 - 20kWh battery pack
Prius plugin PHEV sähköauto akusto

Use our DIY kit to convert yor Toyota Prius to Plugin version.
Like to convert your Toyota Prius to PHEV plugin?

If you own Toyota Prius hybrid car you can convert it to plugin hybrid with 4-20kWh litium LIFEPO4 battery back, BMS, battery charger and control boards. You can charge your car from standard 230V AC trough Defa/Galix -plug. With converted Prius you burn less gas and get three additional plugin drive imodes to your vehicle. Short distances can be drived totally electric!

We have developed and tested our Pistokehybridi Prius conversion allready five years. You can even do conversion yourself with our DIY kit. Professionals can do conversion in one day.

We have two conversion kits. Full Kit for 2004-2009 Toyota Prius and Lite Kit for 2010-2017 Prius. Full kit have three additional drive modes:
1. Full EV (Top Speed 85km/h)
2. EV mode (Top Speed 199km/h), Combustion engines is in idle mode
3. Combine mode, use both electric motor and combustion engine to get about half fuel consumption

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